Upcoming Auditions at Oyster Mill Playhouse

Everyone is welcome to audition at Oyster Mill Playhouse! Click below to learn more about upcoming opportunities at OMP. To save time on audition day, please take a moment to fill out an audition form prior to attending auditions. We can’t wait to see you at OMP!

Non-Musical Audition Form                                                         Musical Audition Form

Directed by Beverly Spangler
Choreographed by Patrice Whitson

Bringing Charles Dickens’ beloved novel to life, Lionel Bart’s Oliver! takes audiences on a wild adventure through Victorian England. Join young, orphaned Oliver Twist as he navigates the London’s underworld of theft and violence, searching for a home, a family, and – most importantly – for love. Journey with Oliver as he meets the unforgettable Artful Dodger, the conniving, but charismatic, Fagin and his gang of child pickpockets, Fagin’s violent sidekick Bill Sikes and the warm-hearted Nancy, who is trapped under Bill’s thumb, but desperate to help Oliver. With spirited, timeless songs like “As Long as He Needs Me,” “Food, Glorious Food,” and “Where is Love,” Oliver! is a musical classic. Genre: Musical

Performance Dates: 11/8/19 – 11/24/19 | Audition Dates: 8/25/19 & 8/26/19


Auditions will consist of cold read from the script, sung vocal selection and dance/movement audition
Please sign up for vocal/acting audition using Sign Up Genius

You must also attend a DANCE AUDITION at either 7 or 8 pm.

IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED and PREFERRED that you sing from the show! Suggested songs are listed in the character breakdown. Accompaniment and music for these selections will be provided at the audition. (If you chose not to sing from the show, you must provide the sheet music). *You may also be asked to sing from the opening quartet of Who Will Buy?

Along with the OMP Audition Form, please submit a completed OLIVER! Conflict Sheet Please note: THIS IS NOT THE REHEARSAL SCHEDULE, it is potential dates so that we may best schedule around cast conflicts.

Cockney and British Accents: if you are able to perform them for auditions, please do; if you are not familiar with them, do not panic, they will be taught in rehearsals, just do the best you can.



Oliver Twist: A workhouse orphan; the symbol of innocence; bright, clever and winning with a heroic air; loveable and kind-hearted. Should have an unchanged voice. British accent. Age: 9-13 Boy soprano. *For auditions: Where Is Love

Artful Dodger: Fagin’s brightest pupil; very energetic, highly personable, savvy beyond his years; airs and manners of a man although he is an undersized 16. Dynamic singer/dancer. Cockney accent. Age 13-18. Male soprano *For auditions: Consider Yourself

Charley Bates: One of Fagin’s gang. Cockney accent. Age 10-18 *For auditions: Consider Yourself

Nipper: Youngest boy in Fagin’s gang. Cockney accent. Age 8-10 *For auditions: Consider Yourself

Bet: Nancy’s sidekick and closest friend; high spirited, down to earth. Cockney accent. Age: 15. Alto *For auditions: I’d Do Anything

Orphans:Boys and girls ages 7-13. Should be able to sing and move well. Cockney accent. *For auditions: Consider Yourself

Fagin’s Gang: Boys and girls ages 7-18. Should be able to sing and dance well. Cockney accent. *For auditions: Consider Yourself


Rose Seller: Street Vendor; part of quartet. Cockney accent. Age 18-35 Mezzo *For auditions: Who Will Buy (Part 1)

Milkmaid: Street Vendor; part of quartet. Cockney accent. Age 18-35 Soprano *For auditions: Who Will Buy (Part 1)

Strawberry Seller:Street Vendor; part of quartet. Cockney accent. Age 18-35 Soprano *For auditions: Who Will Buy (Part 1)


Noah Claypole: Hulking, brutal Undertaker’s apprentice; bullies Oliver. Flirts with Charlotte. Cockney accent. Age 18-25

Charlotte: Sowerberry’s ill-mannered, self-consumed, flirtatious daughter; attracted to Noah; has no sympathy for Oliver. Cockney accent.  Age 18-25


Fagin: Aged, devious leader a children’s gang of pickpockets; almost a caricature, one of the most colorful villains in fiction; conniving, sly con-man, so captivating  and personable we forget his evilness. Excellent comedic timing. Cockney accent. Age 35-50. Baritone *For auditions: Reviewing the Situation

Bill Sikes: A thief and a bully; feared master criminal; absolute evil; physically imposing. Cockney accent. Age 30-45. Baritone. *For auditions: My Name

Mr. Bumble: A large and pompous corrupt Beadle of the workhouse. He is cruel, foolish, vain and greedy; authority without dignity. Cockney accent. Age 35-60. Tenor. *For auditions: Boy for Sale AND I Shall Scream

Mr Sowerberry: Tall, gaunt Undertaker; cold and insensitive; enjoys his liquor; afraid of his wife’s displeasure. Cockney accent. Age 45-60. Baritone. *For auditions: That’s Your Funeral

Knife Grinder: Street Vendor; part of vocal quartet. Cockney accent. Age 18-60. Baritone *For auditions: Who Will Buy (Part 1)


Nancy: Graduate of Fagin’s academy; in abusive relationship with Sikes, whom she is devoted to; she becomes Oliver’s protector. “The soul of goodness in all things evil.” Pretty, intelligent, longs for a better life. Cockney accent. Age: 20-39. Alto; strong belt to a D. *For auditions: As Long As He Needs Me AND Oom Pah Pah

Widow Corney: Sharp-tongued, domineering, corrupt Workhouse Matron. Cockney accent. Age 40-59. Soprano/Mezzo. *For auditions: I Shall Scream

Mrs Sowerberry: Shrewish, unpleasant Undertaker’s wife and his overseer; more savvy than her husband. Cockney accent. Age 45-60. Mezzo *For auditions: That’s Your Funeral

Mrs Bedwin: Brownlow’s warm and kindly Housekeeper. British accent. Age 45-60. Mezzo *For auditions: Where Is Love


Mr Brownlow: Kindly upper class gentleman of wealth and breeding; British accent. Age 55-70

Mr Grimwig: Upper class doctor and pessimistic, gruff bachelor friend to Mr Brownlow. British accent. Age 30-50


Matron: Workhouse Assistant. Cockney accent. Age 30-50

Old Sally: Dying pauper/workhouse midwife with a secret. Cockney accent. Age 50-70

ENSEMBLE: Bow Street Runners, Vendors, Crowd, Workhouse Assistants, Tavern Patrons, Governors, etc.

*For auditions: Consider Yourself; Who Will Buy (Part 1) or any other selection
*Looking for tumbling, juggling, acrobatic skills

Towards Zero, By Agatha Christie and Gerald Verner

Show Description:
When a house party gathers at Gull’s Point, the seaside home of Lady Tressilian, Neville Strange finds himself caught between his prior wife Audrey and his new flame Kay. A nail-biting thriller, the play probes the psychology of jealousy in the shadow of a savage and brutal murder. A carefully unpeeled investigation before our eyes brings the story to a pointed ending.

Audition Dates:

  • 11/18/19 – open auditions at 6:30 pm
  • 11/19/19 – call backs at 6:30 pm
  • 11/20/19 – 1st read through for cast

     Director’s Notes:

    • All those auditioning must prepare and present a memorized monologue of 1 – 2 minutes in length from any Agatha Christie production other than Towards Zero
    • English accent required for all roles (RP)
    • Please arrive with a list of all conflicts from 11/18/2019 through the close of the show on 2/2/2020
    • All listed ages are playing ages

         Male Roles

        • Thomas Royde: 30-45, Good-looking in a rugged way, keeps to himself as much as possible, in love with Audrey.
        • Mathew Treves: 60+, Distinguished retired lawyer of ripe experience and great shrewdness
        • Neville Strange: 30-45, The ideal Englishman, wealthy, handsome, and athletic, Audrey’s ex-husband, currently married to Kay
        • Ted Latimer: 25-35, Good-looking and sharply dressed, lost Kay to Neville
        • Superintendent Battle: 45-60, Intelligent, observant, and shrewd detective
        • Inspector Leach: 25-35 Nephew to Super Battle. a good Policeman.
        • P.C. Benson: 30-40, Leach’s assistant

                  Female Roles

                  • Kay Strange: 20-30, Ultra-modern, pretty, spoiled, and childlike, Neville’s second wife, extremely jealous of Audrey.
                  • Mary Alden: 35-50, Reserve, pleasant, yet with something intriguing about her, Lady Tressilian’s personal secretary
                  • Lady Tressilian: 60+, Intelligent and aristocratic looking woman, a little younger than Treves, practically raised Thomas and Neville
                  • Audrey Strange: 25-35,. An ethereal beauty who carries about with her an air of repressed emotion